Google launched a completely new search experience called Google Instant this month. Google Instant not only provides suggested search phrases but dynamically updates the results as you search. According to Google, the new Instant service saves 2-5 seconds for each search.

During our tests, we noticed that the recommendations used our geographic location and previous web history. As a result, we were more likely to see local search phrases than more popular national phrases. For example, when searching for “dentist in” we saw phrases for our immediate area instead of los angeles or new york as you would expect at a national level.

Adwords users will need to test advertising on shorter keyword and longer keyword phrases since Google Instant automatically updates the ads that you see as you complete your search phrase. There may be cases where you want to advertise on general keywords in order to jump ahead of the competition. For example, if you were a hotel in Orlando, you might consider advertising on the general term Orlando instead of Orlando Hotels in order to get your ad in front of other ads.

Finally, like the autocompletion feature, Google Instant is a great way to discover what the popular searches are for your primary terms. Using our Dentist example, when I search for Dentist the suggested searches are Dentist Salary, Dentist Reviews, Dentist Ratings. Carpet Cleaning SEO

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